Massage at Falls Clinic


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I have practiced for 10 years and specialized in bodywork therapy for individuals with orthopedic conditions, overuse injuries, and general massage therapy.  All clients begin with a personal profile, health, chronic   medical conditions and disability status screening.  I customize each session for the individual client, based on their needs at the time of session or medical treatment process. My focus is to provide a skilled manual bodywork therapy session that allows individuals to move safely and effectively from the start, correct muscle imbalances and  postural alignment so that the hips, torso, and shoulders (pillar) start improving instead of fading. To promote a healthier mindset, fluidity in movement,relieve/reduce pain and deterioration, and promote comfortable living and prevent future injuries.


Techniques Practiced:   

Swedish Massage

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique

Sports Massage

Mechanical Vibration Therapy


Hands On Therapeutic Massage School (Massage Therapy)

Freedom from Pain Institute (MAT)

Vernon College (Kinesiology)